Hello! I'm Nick,

a Web developer

a Cat enthusiast

a Gamer

a Good friend

Nick photo-shoot, young man smiling standing Nick holding a cute cat, this young man seems very happy

About Me

Nice to meet you, I'm...

Nick (Yili) Wang, a Toronto based front end developer who builds practical user-centered web applications.

Earning a Bachelor of Industrial Design from OCAD university gives me the ability to communicate effectively with other designers as a developer.

Having worked in a tight-knit team has made me crave the feeling of collaboration to accomplish a common goal, and learn from each other along the way.

Besides coding, I love cats 🐱, video games 🎮, and sketching 🎨.

These are my skills, more to come!

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  • Rate my chonk demo page

    Rate my Chonk

    React | Redux | Firebase | React Router | Axios | Sass |

    Do you like cute chubby cats ? yes ? then I invite you to git check out my new React App: Rate My Chonk !!🐱 It's a web app that lets you browse, upload, vote, and favorite cat pictures. But there's more! Come find out for yourself!

  • Code Along: Catsby

    Code Along: Catsby

    React | React Router | Redux | Firebase | Cloud Firestore | Material UI | NodeJs |

    This is a fullstack social media clone app called Catsby, which is an app derived and guided from a course taught by Ahmed Hadjou. I used this knowledge to build rate my chonk.

  • notSoSocial: agency style collaboration project demo

    Not So Social

    Mock Agency | React | Firebase | REST API | Sass | React Router |

    Created by a team of 4, using TVmaze, Giphy API and firebase. I worked on firebase database, functionality, and fetching from API endpoints to display results.

  • PDF Conversion: Restaurant Mall

    The Restaurant Mall

    Html5 | Scss | Responsive |

    Multi-page PSD conversion to a fully responsive site, with animations and hover effects.

  • Pointless Paws

    Pointless Paws

    jQuery | Sass | Html5 |

    Just Turn off the light, but really, its so bright, you hate lights and you want to sleep, just click the switch and turn off the lights.

  • Space Clerk

    Space Clerk

    jQuery | CSS3 | Html5 |

    Welcome to Space Clerk ! You are the space clerk working at an outer space convenience store, your job is to operate cash registers and total the amount of money the customer need to pay in order to be checkout!


  • email me at nickyiliwang@gmail.com
  • check my github at github.com/nickyiliwang
  • check my linkedin at linkedin.com/in/nickyiliwang
  • check my twitter at twitter.com/nickyiliwang
  • check my artstation at artstation.com/nickyiliwang